Organizing week - Advice for your rooms


Dishcloths: We all have that shelf filled with dishcloths and tea towels, the one that you wish you had organized every time you open it. Use an old brick form, or another box of some sort, and fold your dishcloths and tea towels in a way so you can see them all. This looks great and makes you feel great everytime you open that shelf. This trick can be used for organizing your socks or ties as well - play around with the folding method to see what works best so you can see all the items you organize.

It’s a classic - crowded kitchen pantries, with mountains of boxes and bags that hide a jungle of food products you didn’t even know you had - and that expired months ago. Kitchen pantries need to be sorted through often, but when there is no rhyme or rhythm to the way you organize it, it’s going to take a long time! Organizing your kitchen pantry is therefore the next step in Humdakin’s Organizing week. Using boxes help you keep your food sorted. For example, keep all your grains, pasta and lentils together, all your breakfast products together, and all your tins and jars together, by using baskets or boxes that either are labeled or allow you to see what products they contain. Another idea could be to use trays to divide up your products! Pasta and lentils on one tray, tins on the other, etc etc. Both these ways allow you to easily see what you have in your cabinets and shelves, and make it easy to remove the food items when you wish to clean the shelves. One last tip: whenever you buy a new food product, place it behind the other items, so you use all your “old” food first.


It’s really important to remember your fridge when you’re cleaning the kitchen. Every so often it needs to be cleared out and wiped off with universal cleaner. However, that cleaning routine becomes so much easier when you have an organized fridge. Our next tip is therefore how you keep your fridge clean and organized. Use recycled brown paper bags or cotton bags to store things such as onions and vegetables. This will keep the vegetables separated and will make it easy to clean up after them. Similar to the kitchen cabinet organization tip we posted the other day, divide the contents in your fridge up into categories that make the most sense to you. You can either use small containers or trays to do this. Put all the new food you purchase behind the food already in the fridge, so you know what closer to expiring when you open the fridge, and therefore minimize food waste. Mason jars and tuberware are found in most homes, and are an easy, and equally important, aesthetic way, to organize the contents in your fridge.


Sometimes you just need a little change in your home. Instead of buying new decorative pieces to change things up, a good idea could be to organize your bookcase or any other shelving unit. Take everything down from the shelves, wiping them off and afterwords dusting off the empty shelves. Once you have completely emptied the shelves, and wiped everything off, then you can start putting things back. However, everytime you pick something up to put it back, think to yourself whether its something that you need, or that you like to look at. Make a rule that you’re not allowed to put anything back in its original spot - this forces you to try new creative ways to decorate your bookcase. Try placing your books in a different way, color coordinating them, or laying three on top of eachother and a decorative item on top. Loose papers can be put in a pretty box with a lid, so you get a clean look.There’s so many ways to reorganize a bookshelf so it creates a new look in your home!


Another easy way to organize your living room is to declutter your sofa! Your sofa is a huge part of the room, so it’s important that it’s not too messy. Try keeping all the excess blankets and pillows in a woven basket like this one. By only having a few nice items on your couch, the whole room will appear cleaner and more organized.


Next up in Humdakin’s Organizing Week is cleaning tools - how do you keep them organized so they’re easy to get too, but not in the way? Many people have them underneath the sink, others are lucky enough to have a whole closet for cleaning tools! Our tip comes in two parts. For sprays, gloves and brushes, keep the ones you use often in a bucket with divided sections and a handle, so it’s easy to carry around the house. The second part of the tip is especially useful for those of you who have small homes or rented homes, where you want to make as few holes in the walls as possible. Find a hanger for your door, for example from ikea, and use it to hang your favorite tools on! The hanger can be hung on the back of a door, and there’s no need to drill any holes. This way you have easy access to your tools, and if you have aesthetic cleaning tools, like Humdakin’s dustpan and duster, they also act as a decorative element.

Doing laundry can be therapeutic, almost mindful, if your laundry room or station is organized. If you have detergents for color and white mixed up and spilling everywhere, doing laundry might become more of a painful chore than a mindful experience. Start by organizing your laundry soap and fabric softener in a bucket divided up into smaller rooms. If you have laundry detergent for whites and colors, make sure to keep those separated.  You could even have one bucket or basket for color washes and one for white, with each bucket or basket containing all you need for the wash and dryer. Another little tip is to keep a basket for lost socks by your dryer, so everytime you can’t find a partner to a sock, it will have a temporary home.


Bathrooms, and especially bathroom drawers, often need a little bit of love when it comes to organizing. Bathroom shelves can get messy fast, and if there’s one room in your home you want to be clean and organized - it’s your bathroom. Think of hotel bathrooms when organizing your own - replacing old, stained towels, keeping your extra toilet paper in a decorative bucket, and keeping countertops mess-free are all tips to keeping an organized bathroom. Now it’s time to tackle the drawer. If you have lots of products it's time to organize them. Remove everything from the shelf or drawer, and clean the empty drawer. Go through your products and though away cosmetics or beauty products that are expired, empty or dried out. Use a bucket with divided rooms for hair styling tools and sprays that you use often, so you can take the whole bucket out and put it away easily. Creams and other products should be seperate either by use, routine, or how close they are to expiring. If you don’t want to organize using boxes or trays, try using shelf dividers for eating utensils instead.