Organize, Clean, Tidy

How many of you love a well-designed living space - with decorations, lamps, rugs, colors, textures and everything in between, that make you happy? Here in Denmark, many people enjoy interior styling and care about trends, designers and quality furniture in their homes. We have beautiful homes, but sometimes the items in our home take all the limelight, and the cleanliness of the home is prioritized less.

Knowing that all the nooks and crannies in your home are clean might even make you feel more comfortable in your home than beautiful surroundings do! Lately, motivating trends and people have been showing the importance of organizing and tidying your home. Especially Marie Kondo, and her KonMari method have inspired us! We want to take her method one step further, and add cleaning to the list of organizing and tidying. Like we said earlier, what good is an organized, well decorated home if it isn’t clean?

Don’t worry, adding cleaning to the list of steps actually won’t make your work harder or take much longer! If you think about it, cleaning while organizing will save you a lot of time in the future, especially with spring cleaning just around the corner. Start by making a list of the spaces (or categories, if you’re a KonMari fan like us) that you’ve been meaning to organize since the dawn of time. We all have those. Once you start to go through that drawer, pile or category, make sure you’re only keeping what you really need or what makes you happy. Have a damp cloth with universal cleaner and our beautiful duster close to you. The items you are organizing, and the space that they are in, can be cleaned and wiped off while you are sorting through them. After sorting, folding, and organizing, you can put the items back into a clean space, saving you cleaning time in the future!

Put on your favorite music and take on one space at a time. Once you see how you’ve transformed an annoyance, into an organized and clean space, it will inspire you to transform other areas too! For us, using Humdakins mild products, dish cloth in trendy colors, and pretty accessories like our duster or zinc bucket is another way to inspire us to organize, clean and tidy!