November Challenge

Today we're revealing our November Challenge, that's hopefully going to help you get your home ready for the busy (but cozy) month of December! 

The November Challenge is a month full of small tasks that challenge you to organize, clean and style your home. Each day there is a new challenge with either an organization, cleaning or styling task. These tasks are easy to do during the weekdays, which is why our November Challenge is a great reminder to do some of those small tasks you usually forget about.  

humdakin november challenge

Why participate?  

What do you associate with Christmas? Many people think of Christmas food, presents and cozy traditions. But what if you go a little deeper than that? When we really think about it, the best thing about Christmas is the tranquility.Tranquility that comes from a safe and warm home and being surrounded by those you love the most. One way that you can give your family and yourself this calm feeling, is by getting the house clean and ready for Christmas, in November. This way you can focus on the important things when the "Christmas tranquility" starts spreading. 

This is why we're encouraging you to participate in our November Challenge. We hope that you can organize, clean and style some of those areas of your home, that you usually don't have time for. That way you can enjoy a clean and styled home, and let the Christmas tranquility fill you and your home, when you get to December.

We have attached the PDF file for the November Challenge, so you can download it, print it and have it laying out in your home. If you keep it out so it's always visible, you'll be more likely to get the tasks done! Some stores will have the November Challenge as a poster available, so check in with your nearest Humdakin retailer if you want a copy. 

Find the PDF here.