Newest Humdakin member revealed: Sustainable cotton pads

Make room in your bathroom cabinet for a new Humdakin member- reusable cotton pads made from 100% organic cotton. You already know Humdakin represents a conscious and mindful option for your home when it comes to cleaning. Only this time we thought it would be nice to actually bring the focus solely to you. Since every small action helps, we’ve decided to come up with reusable cotton pads. We’re aware that single-use cotton pads burden the environment to a large extent. At Humdakin, we would like to support you once again by providing you a more sustainable option in the same way we do with the rest of our products.



 This might not come as a surprise for you, but these reusable cotton pads are made from GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton like all Humdakin textiles. This means we said no to pesticides, toxic dyes, poor working conditions, high water consumption, and more. They are also quite unique thanks to the knitted look. We were inspired by the traditional knitting technique and natural materials. They can feel quite rough but that’s great for face exfoliation!

You’ll find 15 pads in one package together with a practical knitted bag that you’ll appreciate when putting them to the washing machine and storing them. A truly sustainable addition to your beauty cleaning routine.

The practical bag is multifunctional and can be used for many things:

  1. it can be incorporated into your decor for pretty storage of toilet paper, among other things.
  2. you can take it with you to the beach, with the necessary things in it. 
  3. it can be used as a laundry bag when you are on a small trip.
  4. the imaginations sets no limits when it comes to this use of this bag.

*Make sure you rinse them in water before putting them to your washing machine to remove some of the makeup and dirt. To ensure your skin doesn’t get irritated, wash them with a minimum of detergent. Can be washed at 60°C however we recommend washing them at 40°C to reduce your energy consumption.