NEW IN: Bath products with no compromising

 Good things take time, which is something we had to realize was true in the development of our new range of products for the bath. But it also means the collection, now online, does not compromise on either effect or content.

Quality for hair and body

"My dream was to create some luxury products for the bath that are so delicious and effective that you won't buy anything else again. Rome wasn't built in 2 days, so after 2 years of work we finally have a product that we are more than happy with ourselves and that is on par with professional products but easy to use" says owner Camilla Schram about the line of products that includes shampoo, conditioner, body soap and a body lotion in 3 different sizes.

The range, which also contains sea buckthorn and chamomile extracts and a mild fragrance just like the favorites from our 01 hand care range, contains no silicone, SLS or harsh preservatives. "It was important for us that the products were free of sulfate and silicone, both to compete with the best and professional products on the market, but also to ensure a product that does not weigh hair down or dry out and at the same time allows the nourishing ingredients such as sea buckthorn, chamomile and wheat protein to penetrate the hair." says Camilla Schram.


Another reason the line of bath products was worked through over several years is the intention to sell into exclusive hotels worldwide. Therefore, the product had to be of high quality but still easy to use. We therefore also encourage you to create the hotel experience and well-being in your own home. Because what is better than to relax and think about yourself for a moment?

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