Mothers Day

Humdakin-mothers-day-2019Mother’s day is a tradition world wide, and has been celebrated through out the past 100-and something years. Ever since, we have been great at celebrating our mothers, and we can’t think of mothers who won’t love a lovely thought.

Sunday, May 12th it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there again. Not alone, she’s the reason we’re here, but she’s always ready with a hug when it’s needed.

In this occasion, we have put together 3 different Mother’s day packages, which we are sure you’re mother will love! 

For the mothers that love a clean home

Do you have a mother who loves everything about cleaning - especially the feeling after? Treat her with Humdakin’s cleaning gift kit, including our universal cleaner, a spray bottle and a knitted dish cloth available in many colors. 

Our spray bottle helps ensure that the dosage of our effective and fragrant universal cleaner is correct.

For the mothers who love their kitchen

Does your mother love spending time in the kitchen? Pamper her with a luxurious kitchen kit consisting of our mild dish soap, fragrant anti-smell soap and a dish brush in sustainable mango tree. Because who doesn’t want to make washing dishes a little more aesthetic?

For the mothers who love flowers

If you wish to give her a pleasant smelling gift that lasts a little longer than fresh flowers, try our hand soap and lotion set. This hand kit will leave your mother’s hands soft & smelling fragrant. You can choose between 3 scents, including scent “03”, with peony and cranberry that smells just as lovely as a fresh bouquet.


Did you see something that’s perfect for your mom?  We’ll of course wrap your gift, so you only have to worry about giving the gift!

Happy Mothers Day!