Mindful cleaning

Why do we clean?

Apart from removing dirt and dust to get a clean and fresh home? Cleaning can be an experience, like it is for us. It is a ritual where we use beautiful, luxurious, effective and  eco-friendly products to get 10 mindful moments where we feel like we are doing something good for our house and mind.

Mindfulness has many different meanings, and the act of being mindful is different in every culture. In its simplest form, mindfulness is a mental state where you are fully present. You’re focusing on everything that is going on right now - in your mind, with your body, and with the surroundings. Modern culture tells us to practice mindfulness, either through yoga, meditation, drawing etc. However, a free and beneficial way for us to practice mindfulness can be through cleaning. Using HUMDAKIN products that are mild, with natural ingredients and a minimized impact on our planet is a good way to start. 

Having a cleaning ritual means you know exactly what to clean, how to clean it and when to clean. Let this ritual become a break from a busy everyday life. Use those 10 minutes everyday when you’re wiping down surfaces to stop thinking about the future or past. Instead of thinking about what’s for dinner, the emails you have to answer, or the awkward reply you gave your boss yesterday, be in the present. Be aware of every movement while you’re wiping off the table, be aware of how the surfaces change and appear cleaner and shinier. Watch the dust particles in the air flutter from the wind coming from the window you cracked open. Breathe in and let this routine be your break, your space to think and be present.

Notice how when your home is clean, styled and organized, so is your inner being and state of mind. A study has shown that women with messy, cluttered homes displayed a higher level of the stress related hormone, cortisol. (1) Mindfulness has in many ways been linked to reducing stress, and more and more people are practicing it in order to reduce the stress that comes from a busy work or private life. So take those 10 minutes everyday when you are cleaning and turn it into a mindful experience. Be present, and remember - by using HUMDAKIN’s cleaning products your cleaning ritual is benefiting your home, planet and mind.

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