Looking back on 2019

Another year has passed. 2019 flew by like so many years before, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what has happened. I believe that it is important to stop and think about the goals and milestones we have reached in 2019. At the same time, I also think it’s important to look back on the hard times, and the battles that you have fought. Because those bumps on the road, even more than the milestones, are what make you grow. I’ve reflected over my challenges and I’m more inspired than ever now that I know that I’ve gotten through them and have learned from them!

Camilla humdakin

2019 has given me so many amazing opportunities. Here’s a little overview of what has happened in 2019: 

1.) Humdakin participated in 4 trade fairs in 2019! We visited Formland for SS19 and AW19 and for the first time ever, we participated in the huge Maison et Objet trade fair in Paris for AW19. On top of that, we were chosen to represent Denmark in the London Design Fair AW19! This has clearly inspired me for 2020, because now we’re participating in 4 design fairs just for the spring summer season 2020! 

2.) We launched a total of 10 new products in 2019: Our refill for Ample and Ivory fragrance sticks, a new bucket, our new dish brushes, our hand care kit, two scented candles, potholders and oven mitts. On top of that, we added 6 new textile colors. We’ve also removed some items from our collection, in order to continue focusing on quality instead of quantity

3.) I reached my goal of 30.000 followers on Instagram! Thank you so much for all your support, sweet messages and comments and for following along in my journey!

4.) In 2018 it was just me, Camilla, and my marketing coordinator Ida. In 2019 I added two new team members, Ida (another one!) and Sarah. Ida is working here full time with marketing and administrations, and Sarah is a student assistant working with communications and marketing. Our team also grew in another way…

5.) I gave birth to my third child, my little boy. Humdakin is a family company and we all work close together to make Humdakin what it is!

6.) We’re expanding internationally, and in 2019 I added two new agencies to my wonderful team, one in the United Kingdom and one in Sweden. At the same time, we worked to get more and more retailers around the world, especially in countries like the United States, France, Spain and the UK.

7.) We outsourced our warehouse! This was a huge step for me and my team, because since the beginning of Humdakin, it was us that received the products, packed them and shipped them out to customers and retailers. Luckily, we’re so busy now that we could be three people that spent all day in our warehouse packing, instead of focusing on creating new products for you. So now we’re working with a great warehouse company one hour away, with lots of employees that do all the receiving and shipping out work for us, so we can focus on our tasks here at the office.