At Humdakin we care about keeping clean. This means that we often spend 10-15 minutes wiping off surfaces, doing the dishes and styling our home so it’s more pleasant. Here is our 5 best advice when it comes to keeping your kitchen nice and clean.


  1. Remember to air out every day. It’s recommended that we open our windows and let the fresh air inside 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes. The indoor environment has a big effect on our mood and energy. If the air is too heavy inside, your productivity will decrease, and you have greater risk at head aches and discomfort.

  2. Make sure to keep clean – your small cleaning habits will become so much easier and quicker. You can keep a clean and manageable home with Humdakin’s daily cleaning routine which won’t take more than 15 minutes a day. You can take a damp dish cloth and wipe all surfaces in the kitchen as well as wiping down the sink and faucet with dish soap or anti-calc spray.

  3. When it comes to styling in the kitchen, keep it simple. The kitchen is for many a workspace and needs to be spacy and organized. But it’s also important to keep your home and kitchen nice and welcoming. In the kitchen, it’s always a great idea with a nice hand soap and dish soap as well as a nice dish brush. Choose your favorite colors of the season as an addition to the kitchen – for example in kitchen textiles. Don’t forget the fresh flowers or a nice green plant. This makes cooking and doing the dishes so much nicer.

  4. Once a week, when the fridge is the emptiest, take a damp cloth and wipe down the all shelves. Take out the drawers and wash them with dish soap and warm water. If you do this regularly, it won’t be a huge task and you’ll be fine with a simple wipe-down. Make sure that the temperature is always between 3-5°. Now the fridge is ready for the weekly groceries.
  1. Haze on glass come when we wash our glasses in the dishwasher over 55°. Therefore, to avoid this, you can wash them in a lower setting and avoid the drying function in the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can wash your favorite glasses by hand with dish soap. This way you can also avoid limescale deposits – if you remember to dry the glasses immediately with a clean tea towel.

If you follow these 5 advices, your time in the kitchen will be nice and comfortable!