Keep clean with Humdakin

For many, cleaning is rarely something we look forward to. However, most can relate to the great feeling once it's done, and the home is shiny and dust-free. At Humdakin, we believe that cleaning shouldn't be a chore, but rather something that we should make part of our everyday lives. We must start keeping clean, rather than cleaning. When you clean up your entire home at once, the task becomes much more unmanageable than if you keep the mess and dirt down every day.


Humdakin's products is made to have on display next to the kitchen sink. This might also be a reminder to do a quick cleaning-session while waiting for the food in the oven. But not only are Humdakin products decorative to have on display, the focus is on efficiency, fragrance, and mild ingredients, and with a mission to teach the whole world how to keep clean and tidy op.


Still don’t know how to get started? We got you.


Always start off by tidying up and using the vacuumer. Then continue wiping off all surfaces with a dry dishcloth to remove dust, then spray with the universal cleaner, and wipe off with a clean dishcloth. In this way, you avoid to ‘remove’ the dust from one place to another.

When noticing even the smallest calc or limescale build up in the bathroom or kitchen, spray with Humdakin anti calc. It’s all about keeping clean, and taking one step at a time.


If you’re in a hurry before your guests arrive, pour a little toilet cleaner in the toilet, brush, and leave it. This will leave a wonderful and fresh scent in your bathroom, even though it only takes 2 minutes. You can supply with a fragrance stick or room spray to prolong the scent of a freshly cleaned home.


We believe that a clean home, creates a calm mind, and that’s why it’s so important to inspire to keep clean instead of cleaning.