Inspiration for the Christmas wish list!

Inspiration for the Christmas wish list!

Christmas will be here before you know it, and if you need some inspiration for your own wish list or for gifts for love ones, now is the time to pay attention. We have gathered our best ideas on a list over possible gifts – for yourself or someone you love.

Luxury for hands

Who can say they don’t love a great hand lotion and lovely scented hand soap that are also easy on the eye and allergy friendly? At Humdakin we definitely do, and therefore, you can find 3 different variations of our hand soap and lotion.

  • 01 with chamomile and sea buckthorn
  • 02 with elderberry and birch
  • 03 with peony and cranberry

Both products come in 300 ml, and the lotions comes in a 60 ml. tube which is perfect on the go or as a smaller present. The ingredients in all variations have been carefully chosen based on their scent and nurturing characteristics. What the individual ingredients can do, you can read about here:

A new scent of home

You are never wrong with a nice home fragrance, whether it’s diffuser, scent sticks or a nice scented candle. For me, personally, it’s important to have a clean, calming and mild scent that are not too much for the senses. At Humdakin we are making great efforts to create great scents that are calming and prolong the feeling of a clean home.

  • Manov scented candle – have mild and sweet notes of fresh flowers and is perfect to light after a great cleaning session.
  • Yucca scent candle – smells like Sunday morning, fresh laundry and a fresh breeze
  • Ample fragrance sticks – a perfect fresh scent of lotus flower and bergamot
  • Ivory fragrance sticks – a mild scent of cedar and patchouli.

In line with the rest of Humdakin’s products, the candles are made from sustainable, non-GMO and non-toxic plant-based wax. And already have the fragrance sticks? Then our scent refill is a perfect gift!

 Allergy-friendly and effective cleaning favorites

 A nice, clean and nicely scented home is always great and this requires the right tools! They should not be harmful to the home, to you and your family nor the environment. But they can also be nice to look at and nicely scented.

With Humdakin, you’ll have all your wishes granted, as they are environmental- and allergy-friendly, beautiful and smells nice and clean.

Our favorites are:

  • Dish soap which will make doing the dishes like a walk in the park
  • Universal cleaner which is the perfect companion to our spray bottle – and your home!
  • Laundry soap, which makes laundry day your favorite day!
  • Anti calc spray which effectively removes the unwanted limescale deposits

Organic and soft textiles

I have made an effort to create the best kitchen textiles possible which is inspired by my grandmother’s generation and the 50’s. Therefore, we have a great variety of luxurious textiles for kitchen and bath, that are all made from 100 % organic cotton. You’ll find

  • Nice knitted kitchen towels and dish cloths
  • Guest and bath towels in a soft waffled quality
  • Napkins that can add some luxury on even the greyest Wednesday.

 All Humdakin’s textiles are found in many beautiful colors that fit into any home.


We hope this inspired you for this year's Christmas gifts! 

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