Humdakin's 5 best tips for keeping your home clean

At Humdakin, we're big fans of keeping clean rather than cleaning. After all, it means your home always feels nice and clean to be in, and what's better than that?

What does it mean to keep clean?

Rather than saving all the cleaning for Saturday morning, for us here at Humdakin, keeping clean means taking cleaning and tidying on an ongoing basis. That way, we keep both the mess and the dust down, and you don't have to spend your entire Saturday and Sunday cleaning. The best way to do this is to break it down into small bites and use the right tools. Below we give 5 tips that make keeping your home clean easy.

1. The best buddies.

The first one is essential: always have a spray bottle of universal cleaner mixed with water on hand. At Humdakin, we use it for everything! Use it to wipe down the coffee table, the kitchen table and stove when you're done cooking and the dining table after dinner. It makes it easy and that spreads you a nice smell of a clean home.

2. Just 5 minutes!

Set aside 5 minutes each day (morning or evening) to clear out small things that tend to pile up. It could be right after dinner (you might be lucky to have someone doing the dishes while you're at it) or after the kids are tucked in. Get to what you can during this time: tidy up, vacuum, wipe surfaces or fold laundry. It doesn't have to be more than that, and it's these little things that make everyday life a bit easier. 5 minutes every day and you can enjoy a cup of tea and a good TV series.

3. A clean finish

Done with the dishes? Make it a habit to clean your kitchen sink after washing up. Put a drop of dish soap on your brush and clean the sink. It leaves you with a clean sink and a good conscience, and is just a little more motivating to come back to later or the next morning. If you have a few extra minutes, spray with limescale remover and wipe off with your tea towel. Then you'll be free to descale in the weekend, too.

4. No shame in the junk drawer!

We all know it. The drawer that no one wants to open because there are all good things from the stash of batteries, take-out menus and hair elastics. But it's not a bad idea. It helps minimise the mess on your kitchen and dining table, gather the clutter in one place and you know where to find it. Just remember to tidy it up once in a while!

5. A clean bowl

Spend 2 minutes just once a day cleaning your toilet bowl with toilet cleaner. Not only will you be free of dirt in the bowl, but you'll have a clean toilet and a nice clean smell - and if there are uninvited guests, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Soon you'll be able to enjoy the scent of Humdakin as we launch our mildly scented, colorless toilet cleaner.

As you can read, with just a few steps every day, you can have a clean home all the time. We hope you found our tips useful.