For a while, Humdakin and owner Camilla Schram has been working on a dream. The dream and purpose with Humdakin is to inspire people all over with tips and tricks, guides and aesthetic inspiration to organizing, cleaning and styling.

Presenting the new book from Humdakin: The Art of Organizing, Cleaning and Styling.

For the love of organizing, cleaning and styling

If you love cleaning as much as we do, then this book is perfect for you. A book about cleaning might not be the first thing on the mind, but cleaning can be great, fun and something to be proud of. And being proud over a great cleaning is the feeling we aim to bring out and yell from the roof tops everyday.

There is a lot of reasons why we clean. We clean to remove bacteria. We clean to get rid of messes. We clean to create a safe environment in our home. We clean to make ourselves feel productive. We clean to get a mindful experience”. There is a lot of focus on cleaning and cleaning regularly and at Humdakin we believe there should be an increased focus on how we clean.

An element for styling

Camilla Schram, owner and founder of Humdakin, loves a styling that creates a sense of home. A good coffee table book adds to the cozy atmosphere and makes the home looking lively. A good coffee table book is not only a great addition to the home decor, but can also be great for conversations and inspiration!

We hope that the Humdakin book can be a source of inspiration and information when it comes to organizing, cleaning and styling in your home!