Humdakin goes Japan

Just like Humdakin the Japanese culture is characterized by relations and traditions that is passed on from generations to genetrations. The market is too characterized by choosing stability over innovation.

Cleaning is still cleaning and there’s not much innovation in this field in general. What we can innovate is the formulas and efficiency - but cleaning is yet still cleaning.

In Japan frequent cleaning is routine, and from a very young age the educationsystem focuses on teaching children the importance of keeping clean and the mindfulness effect is has on our existence and everyday life.

For example it is too common sense, in Japan, to offer a matching scent of hand lotion when washing hands. This also emphasizes the Japanese hospitality and the care and compassion for your fellow human beings that we at Humdakin too recognises in our brand and product philosophy. 

And that's exactly what Humdakin and our entire concept and cause is all about. Humdakin was created with people in focus. On our approach to practical tasks such as cleaning and on making it a positive experience and something that calms and energizes at the same time. That's why Humdakin's 5 focal points are efficiency, responsibility, allergy, fragrance and design.


Our products are therefore allergy-friendly, made as concentrates, made from more sustainable and natural ingredients. All our textile products are made from GOTS, OEKO-TEX and organic certified materials, and our products are also vegan and dermatologically tested.

In this way, Humdakin and Japanese culture have several remarkable similarities - without us even knowing it or intending it. Without realizing it, we have embraced this way of thinking and living and created the brand that is Humdakin.