How to make cleaning more pleasant?

How to make cleaning more pleasant?

We have 2 suggestions. Good music and the right cleaning products.

What if we tell you that you can kill 2 birds with just 1 stone? It’s true. Make a special cleaning playlist, which sets the mood based on your preferences or listen to interesting podcasts. This way, you get to enjoy yourself, learn something new and clean your home at the same time. And by reaching for the right cleaning buddies, you won’t ever get tired from cleaning and have the energy for other activities. Doesn’t it sound good? It does to us!

Since we’re 6 people in our Humdakin office, we bring you a truly diverse set of tunes and talks. Turn your cleaning session into a workout, a moment of bliss, learning, or fun with our curated go-to songs and podcasts. We hope everyone can find something for themselves.

  • Work out

Cleaning can be a great exercise with music that bursts with positive energy and motivates you. If you’d like to build up some muscles we recommend scrubbing. Your bathroom and kitchen approve the well-known duo-  Small Hand Dish Brush and Anti-calc spray. If that wouldn’t be enough try washing the dishes by hand, let our Dish Soap and Dish brush help you. Your hands won’t get dried out. 


Listen to our Cleaning as a workout on Spotify

  • Moment of bliss
Enjoy cleaning and relax your mind at the same time. Just stop thinking. Did you know that cleaning has a positive effect on stress-relieve? To help you better achieve your zen mode, light up a scented candle before cleaning. Manov does wonders for us. In order to increase the level of relaxation, here you have some food for your soul.

      Listen to our Moment of Bliss playlist on Spotify

      • Learning (podcasts)

      In case you would like to double your productivity, nothing is better for cleaning than podcasts. Be inspired, learn something new, and make your home shine like a diamond. Why not listen to podcasts while dusting. And if you want to have a seamless experience that doesn’t include static electricity, you might want to consider our Universal cleaner that is not only hypoallergenic but also contains anti-static additives.


        Picture by @simoneoe

        Podcasts to listen to:

        1. The Minimalists
        2. Women at Work
        3. Ted Talks Daily
        4. The goop Podcast
        5. Comment by Celebs
        6. Business of Fashion
        • Good mood

        Where there is a good mood, there is a fast cleaning. You can sing and dance while cleaning your mirrors and windows. Your perfectly clear reflection is the only audience you need. Pro Tip:  achieve this with Humdakin’s Glass Cleaner and tea towel to avoid streaks.

          Listen to our Good mood playlist on Spotify

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