How to fight the autumn blues

How to fight the autumn blues

A lot of us love autumn and the cozy times that comes with it. Autumn is time for candles, blankets, board games and fresh, crisp air. We can name one thousand things that we love about autumn, but we can’t deny that the grey weather sometimes can take it’s toll. 

Grey and wet weather can be enough to tip you over the edge if you’re already having a bad day. So how do you get out of that rut? We want to share some of the tips that we use when we need to get over our autumn blues. 

  1. Now this probably doesn't come as a surprise to you, but our motto organize, clean and style is something we actually use to feel better. Here’s why:

The kitchen cupboard you have that’s so full with tupperware that it almost falls out when you open it, could actually lead to higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Most of us feel frustration and other negative emotions when having to deal with clutter in our home, and a lot of studies show that clutter can be connected to stress. So when you’re having a bad day or feeling a little bit down, try tackling a cupboard, closet or bookshelf that’s been bothering you. Turn on some music, your favorite podcast or a series, and just get it done! You’ll feel accomplished after you do it and reducing the clutter might just have a positive effect on your emotions. 

The same goes for cleaning! If you’ve been too busy to keep clean then take those 30 minutes out of your calendar, use our universal cleaner and wipe all the surfaces with a dish cloth. The repetitive movement of wiping off surfaces can be mindful if you allow yourself to forget all your thoughts and just focus on the movements and lovely scents. Feeling accomplished for having done something good for yourself and your home is usually enough to get us back in a better mood! Not to mention washing your bed sheets! Something as simple as washing your bedsheets and using our lovely laundry soap and fabric softener is one of our favorite cleaning rituals, because the feeling you get after taking a shower and getting into bed with fresh sheets is pure bliss. 

laundry soap

Styling should not be underestimated. If your home is organized and clean, but your still feeling down, try buying yourself a new plant or a bouquet of flowers. The power of beautiful flowers is undeniable, and having something colorful to look at when it’s grey outside makes a huge difference in our mood! If you’re not able to buy a plant or flowers, try rearranging your home! Feeling like you’ve renewed the look of your living room or bedroom, where you spend a lot of time can help you feel renewed yourself! 

clean style wash 

  1. Treat yourself - it sounds like a cliche, but it’s actually really important to remember in your daily life!

Autumn blues mixed with a busy, everyday life can be a bad mix! We set a lot of goals for ourselves on a daily basis - work, eating healthy, cooking homemade meals, doing yoga, going for a run, making your home look like a magazine cover or whatever else you have on your to-do list. A lot of these things help us feel great, but sometimes we need a break.  

So when you’re feeling a little down, take a break from daily life! Here’s some of our favorite things to do when we want to treat ourselves:

  • Start reading that book that we haven’t had time for
  • Buy our favorite snack or candy  
  • Light candles
  • Watch our favorite movie from our childhood
  • Mix up dinner - make breakfast for dinner, dessert before dinner, buy some take out or try a new recipe
  • Plan a day trip for the weekend, so we have something we know we can look forward to
  • Start planning Christmas presents for our family (For all of you who can’t wait for Christmas!) 
  • Bake our favorite bread or treat
  • See a friend for coffee
  • Get out a card deck or play a board game 
  • Take a warm shower, use a facemask and paint our nails  
  • Book an appointment with your masseuse, hair stylist, or whatever else you enjoy doing

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