How to clean in 5 minutes!

Are the Christmas guests on the door step? At Humdakin we're all for a quick clean. That's why we're so committed to keeping clean rather than cleaning, so when you need to clean before you have guests or just want a great conscience on a Wednesday night, it's a quick fix. Then the stress is eliminated and you can enjoy welcoming your Christmas guests instead.

We've put together 4 tips on how to get your home tidy in no time once guests have arrived.


Our universal cleaner and spray bottle are your best friends when it comes to speed and efficiency. Mix 5 ml of all-purpose cleaner in the bottle and spray the most common surfaces in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. This way you'll get rid of the dust we can see with the naked eye and there will be a nice, clean scent in your home.


Clean up, but spend your time where it's most needed. Take the living room and kitchen first, and make it easy by aiming for an "organized" mess so you don't have to go to the big clean-out and sorting. Make sure sofa cushions are banqueted and neatly placed on the sofa and clear the kitchen, sofa and dining tables. It makes it a lot less cluttered in the mind and to the eye.


Now that you have everything visible and visual in place, tidy and and get the dust taken care of, find your favorite scent stick and insert new sticks, or flip the ones already in the diffuser. This will spread a new, refreshing scent. You can usefully place them in the hallway or wherever you'll be spending quality time with your guests, so the first thing they notice is a lovely, fresh, clean scent. You can also light a lovely scented candle to add both cosiness and fragrance.


Maybe you've gone out to buy fresh cut flowers, or maybe you have some already. Place them on the table or somewhere visible in the room. It will create eye-catching and your guests won't notice the sand the vacuum cleaner didn't get in the corner.

Could you use our tips? You'll find lots of other inspiration on our blog - both for quick cleaning and for more in-depth Christmas cleaning.