Spring cleaning is approaching

Have you got all your spring cleaning chores sorted?

Spring cleaning is one of our favourite times of year. The time of year is especially lovely because the sun and light are returning and things are starting to bloom again. The change of season brings a lot of new energy, and we can shake off the cold winter months and spend time on our annual spring cleaning.

Nothing beats the feeling you get from getting to the bottom of cleaning every corner, nook, under ,furniture and on top of cupboards and lamps. Open the doors and the vents, air out and welcome spring and remove all traces of the now passing winter. That's what really puts the finishing touches on spring cleaning. Give spring an extra boost with green plants and fresh flowers. It might take a little extra time, but we promise that once you're done and through with spring cleaning, the feeling will be worth it. The feeling of a newly-organized, cleaned and styled home is one of the best things we know. And that's when spring can really begin. A new beginning, a fresh chapter.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Besides the great feeling that comes with a spring clean, it's also important to do just that thorough cleaning every now and then. During the winter, when we're indoors more than usual, bacteria has an easier time thriving and diseases spread more quickly. So remember not only the daily or weekly cleaning routine, but also the deep one, to get to the bottom of reducing bacteria in the home.

Spring cleaning can be a bit more involved, though, but we'll help you get the hang of it. We've created a Spring Cleaning Checklist again this year to help you get started.

We hope that spring cleaning is as easy as pie and that you can enjoy cleaning as you cross off more and more. Check off the list at your own pace and enjoy it as a break from your busy everyday life. That's what cleaning can do, in our opinion. Go for it as a form of mindfullness, listen to your favourite music, dance and treat yourself - especially when you're done.

Download our checklist HERE.