Hand Cleansing Gel with 60% alcohol

The beginning of 2020 has been crazy. Camilla, owner and CEO of Humdakin, had been working on a hand cleansing gel in 2019. It had to be one that was both disinfecting and moisturizing - a mix that is not common amongst similar products! When the pandemic came and products with high levels of alcohol became scarce, Camilla saw the need to get her hand cleansing gel in production as fast as possible, so she could help meet all the new needs that the pandemic had brought with it. By working faster than ever Camilla was able to get the hand cleansing gel designed, in production and shipped to stores just a few weeks after the lockdown in Denmark!

That’s why we’re proud to be able to introduce our new Hand Cleansing Gel, made with 60% alcohol, glycerin and aloe vera extract. This unique formula cleanses and refreshes your hands when you’re on the go. 

håndrens med 60% alkohol

What makes the Humdakin hand cleansing gel so special? The added ingredients of glycerin and aloe vera extract means that the hand gel does not seem drying on your hands. On the contrary, it actually softens them! Although the product is fragrance-free, the scent of alcohol is almost non-existent, which means you don’t have to deal with the harsh scent that you’re used to with hand cleansers. Keep it in your bag along with a tube of hand lotion for clean and soft hands on the go! 

håndrens gel og hånd creme

Note: There is a difference between hand cleaning gel and hand sanitizer. It is two different products and can be used differently. The choice of using 60% alcohol is based on official studies from organizations that state that a minimum of 60% alcohol is required to kill many types of bacteria, including the coronavirus as they know it now.  Studies also show that the best way to combat coronavirus is to wash your hands correctly with warm water and soap. However, when we’re out and about it’s not always possible to wash hands. Therefore, we have created this hand cleansing gel that you can have with you on the go, if you don’t have access to soap and a sink. While reliable sources state that a minimum og 60% alcohol is enough to protect against the coronavirus, there are influencing factors that may affect the disinfecting properties, such as how the cleansing gel is applied. Therefore we do not wish to market the hand cleansing gel as a hand sanitizer that kills the corona virus, even though it has been created based on the criteria provided by official sources.