Each year, we at Humdakin make a big deal about spring cleaning. It’s a great opportunity to get around in all corners of the home and is a sign of brighter and warmer days coming soon. But we shouldn’t forget a thorough cleaning when fall comes around. In spring, we are unpacking our homes and opening up after a long winter, but now as fall is here, it’s time to pack up and clean out before winter hits and we are cuddling up in our sweaters and a warm cup of tea.

Here’s 5 tips to your fall cleaning

Bacteria gone

Winter is often equal to virus and especially in a time with a virus we need to be extra careful not to catch, it’s important to keep clean so we keep bacteria away. As we are going to spend more time indoor, it’s a better environment for the bacteria to unfold and have their fun. Make sure to air out every day. It might be cold, but you can keep warm by getting well around in the corners of the home with water and universal cleaner, especially those places where there’s many touches everyday such as handles, toilet or the kitchen.

Get your wardrobe ready for winter 

One of the places we for real can feel the change in seasons, is the clothes and outerwear we wear. Now it’s no longer weather for shorts and t-shirts, and maybe the knits need to come down from the attic. Use this opportunity to clean out your closet. Are there any of your summer clothes you haven’t worn this season, it’s maybe time to pass it on. Your knits might also need a wash with a good wool detergent. Put away summer jackets and shoes to minimize clutter in your entrance.

Focus on the kitchen

With the colder days, more hours are probably spent in the kitchen. You might bake more than you did over spring and summer or spend more time cooking a good meal or pancakes after a good walk in nature. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use the time to get into every corner of the kitchen. Take everything out from cupboards and drawers and clean in and on top of the furniture. Get your catch all drawer organized and get rid of the things you just keep for the sake of keeping it. Likewise get the drawer with Tupperware organized and the cabinet with dry foods that maybe expanded a great deal since spring cleaning.

Get the outdoor area ready

With the colder temperatures it’s time to put away the garden furniture for the winter. Make sure you clean them with a brush, wood cleaner or universal cleaner. Brush off the dust and spider webs and use a brush or sponge to clean the furniture properly. Dry it off with a tea towel and let it air dry before putting them away. Now they are out of your way, sweep the area well for leaves and dust. Even though Christmas is still a few months away, the “hygge” can play a role in the garden, now the sun sets earlier. Place a chain of lights in the hench and a lantern at the door.

 Make it nice

Pulling yourself together for a big one like this can take a while. Transform the day to a nice event for the whole family, big or small. You get a day together, the whole family, and you are done quicker! Make it nice by ending it on the couch with a great move, hot drinks and pancakes.

We hope these few tips were useful and gave a bit of motivation to get started on the fall cleaning. Remember that you can also find a lot of inspiration for areas to clean in our spring cleaning list.