Forgotten areas - Get the best hygiene in your home with spring cleaning!

Forgotten areas - Get the best hygiene in your home with spring cleaning!

Let the spring cleaning season commence! Spring cleaning is an opportunity to get an in-depth cleaning. Throughout the year we keep clean with our daily and weekly cleaning routines, but spring cleaning ensures you tackle the dirtiest areas and clean your house from top to bottom. After a good spring cleaning and after you've aired out and styled with fresh flowers, the best feeling is sitting in your couch and enjoying the feeling of a fresh and clean home! 

We're starting the spring cleaning season with some tips for everyday cleaning that ensures a good hygiene in the home. By adding these steps to your routine, the big spring cleaning will be that much easier!  

Our home is where we feel safe. That’s why it's extra important that we keep our home as clean and hygienic as possible, especially during the winter where many people get a cold or the flu. One way to fight bacteria, other than washing hands, is changing your cleaning routine so you spend just 5 minutes extra a day on cleaning. We have some simple tips for you that don’t take too long but still help remove bacteria where they’re most likely to thrive.  

A lot of our tips are something we recommend you do every day. However, do what suits best for you and your family - cleaning once a week is better than not doing it! If you try to keep clean instead of cleaning every once in a while, these small changes in your everyday cleaning routine can easily be added and followed. 

Here are some links to the products we love to use when cleaning every day: Our universal cleaner, our spray bottle and our tea towel are three things that are essential for our cleaning routine! 

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The whole house: 

There are some basic rules to follow throughout the whole house if you want to keep the best hygiene as possible.

  • Door handles: Take a spray bottle filled with our universal cleaning product and a clean cloth with you around the house. Spray and clean all door handles in the house, as these are often forgotten but are also one of the things in your home that you touch the most. This only needs to take 2 minutes and is an easy and effective way of reducing bacteria in your home.
  • Towels: Textiles like towels and dishcloths in the kitchen and bathroom should be changed daily. As soon as textiles become moist they become the perfect place for bacteria growth, so remember to hang the textiles so they can dry during the day, and throw them in the laundry basket at night. 
  • Electronics: Computer keyboards, chargers, remote controls and cell phones are also things we are constantly touching, but usually forget to clean. Especially computer keyboards and cell phones should be cleaned daily with universal cleaner. 
  • Air out: Air out daily in all rooms, especially the bathroom after you’ve taken a bath. This ensures that the rooms don’t become too moist, as this increases bacteria growth. 
  • Light switches: Another thing we touch more than we think, and still forget to clean, is the light switches in the house. When you’re taking a trip around the house to clean door handles you can easily wipe these off as well. 
  • Car steering wheel: This isn’t inside the house, but’s still important to remember to clean the steering wheel on a regular basis!


  • Sink: The tap handles are touched before washing your hands, and can therefore also be covered in bacteria. Remember to wipe these clean daily with universal cleaner.  
  • Toilet flush button: The flush button is usually cleaned at the same time as the toilet, but it actually should be cleaned with a universal cleaner way more often, just like the sink.  
  • Toilet: Most don’t have time to clean the toilet every day. What you instead can do to minimize bacteria spread is to put the lid down when flushing, so they don’t get sprayed out. If you do that, you should also remember to clean the underside of the lid as often as possible. 
  • Hand soap: Keep an effective hand soap in the bathroom that also is aesthetic, nurturing and with a lovely scent, so you want to wash your hands often! We recommend this one.



  • Kitchen sink: The whole family uses it, food is prepared by it and vegetables with traces of dirt are washed in it. The kitchen sink harbours a lot of bacteria growth, which is why it’s important to clean it with a little bit of dish soap and warm water before and after preparing food. Also consider pouring boiling water down the drain every so often to clean the drain. Do the same thing with your dish brush.
  • Handles: Handles on drawers or cabinets are, like door handles, also something that should be wiped off with universal cleaner often. The same is relevant for the fridge and oven handles. 
  • Kitchen machines: Machines that are used daily, like a coffee machine, blender, toaster etc. should also regularly be cleaned with universal cleaner. Especially the buttons on these machines that are touched daily should be focused on. 

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Keep an eye on our blog and social media - this year's spring cleaning checklist is almost ready!

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