everyday life with no worries

Nicely scented and allergy-friendly – can it go hand in hand?  Here, at Humdakin, we believe that it is possible. For many years, allergy-friendly was equal to no scent or perfume, dye or parabens at all. But is it all that simple?

 A nicely scented alternative

We at Humdakin believe that cleaning and household products can be allergy-friendly while being effective and with the nicest, clean scent. Our mission is to  combine beautiful design with mild and effective products, and therefore, all Humdakin’s products are developed to be mild – both regarding the use of chemicals and when it’s concerning the products, we use every day.

 Many allergy-friendly products are developed with no parabens, dye or perfume. And in many cases, it stops at that. But your hand soap can be allergy-friendly and smelling nicely! At Humdakin you’ll not find parabens and dye, but a clean home and newly washed sheets is just better when it smells clean. Therefore, at Humdakin we use a special hypoallergenic perfume, which is free from the 26 allergens known by the EU to cause allergies.

 Allergy-friendly besides the normal

Besides the fact that Humdakin’s products does not contain dye and parabens, you won’t find hormone disrupters and the additives MI and M1 in, which is often forgotten mentioned. SLS is also one of the surfactants used in many of the products you use in your everyday life. 

SLS stands for sodium laureth sulfate and is the foaming detergent that you might know from your toothpaste, shampoo, and hand soaps. This additive is approved by authorities, but at Humdakin we have chosen to limit the use as much as possible. Because even though it’s approved in cosmetic products – also in the certified allergy-friendly products, it’s suspected of causing allergies and irritation to sensitive skin as well as general dryness. Therefore, you can safely use Humdakin’s products for the whole family – with no worries at all.