Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping!

We LOVE wrapping presents, which is why Christmas is one of our favorite holidays. We love it so much, that every time you make an order on, we wrap your order - even when it's not Christmas. Who doesn't love unwrapping a present, even if it's one you've boughten for yourself? 

These months up to Christmas we've gotten a little more gift wrap. As usual, we have a special theme, which is natural with a hint of gold.... do you have a theme for your gift wrap? 



If you're in need of inspiration for this year's holiday gift wrap, and want to have the planet in mind as well, then keep on reading! 

It's easy to make beautifully wrapped gifts with wrapping paper made from 100% recycled paper. If you add some twine and a little bit of green decoration, like eucalyptus or pine, then you have a beautiful, Nordic inspired gift wrapping that is biodegradable when thrown out. 

Giftwrap from Jakodan 

Luckily, more and more eco-friendly alternatives to gift wrapping are popping up, for example reusable wrapping paper, gift boxes and ribbon made from recycled materials. Right now, we're actually using beautiful ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles! Not only does it look great, but if you receive a gift with this or any kind of fabric ribbon, it can be saved and used over and over again! 

Ribbon from Jakodan

Another eco-friendly alternative is gift boxes. It's easy to find lot's of decorative gift boxes that can be used again and again. Choose some in beautiful colors and designs and that seem sturdy enough to make it through many Christmases. If you want to be even more eco-friendly, choose gift boxes with the FSC certification, that ensures a sustainable production and management of forests. 

Gift box from Jakodan 

Last but not least, you can actually use tea towels as wrapping, like our GOTs certified organic cotton tea towels. You can either choose a color that works well with the other gift wrapping or a color you know the receiver would love to have in their kitchen. Then there's no waste and the receiver gets an extra present!
We have made three gift kits in different prices, that you can either wish for yourself or get someone you love. We will, of course, wrap them for you :) 

1. Clean Home - Universal cleaner, spray bottle and dish cloth

2. Kitchen Favorites - Dish soap, anti-smell soap and dish cloth 


3. Happy hands - 02 soap, 02 lotion and a small 02 lotion


Find the wrapping paper from Jakodan here