The calendar says Easter, and if the days aren't spent with legs up, in the garden or with a belly full of Easter food, the days off are also the perfect opportunity to get some cleaning done. Here are our 5 tips for making it as easy as possible, so you can use the time to unwind too.


Humdakin all-purpose cleaning and fabric cleaning spray bottle



1. Play tornado! If you or the whole family spend 10 minutes playing tornado, you'll go a long way in cleaning up. Once the worst of the mess and dishes are gone, it's easier to keep track of and easier to get to.

2. Spray bottle and universal cleaner are your best friends. One thing that can make cleaning easy is to make it as simple as possible. Fill a spray bottle with universal cleaner and find a damp cloth, then get to work on all visible surfaces. Dust-free lamps, window sills and chests of drawers and bookcases give the feeling of a clean home - then pictures, radiators and the kids' rooms can wait for another good time.

3. Make the most of the wait. It doesn't have to take long to clean the toilet either. If possible, start with the toilet and, so you can make the most of the time while your anti-calc spray sits and works before you flush it. See our guide to easy toilet cleaning here.

4. Cheat your way to a clean home. If you'd rather spend Easter with your feet up, you can also cheat your way to a clean home. Set out a scent stick that smells clean and mild, so it smells like you've spent hours with the duster all the time. Tip: Place it in a high-traffic room, such as the kitchen or hallway, to spread the scent throughout your home. Humdakin's fragrance sticks have the same scent as our cleaning products, so it's easy to pretend.


5. Dance your way through the cleaning. Is it the motivation that sticks? Then we've made it easy for you, because we've created our own cleaning playlist to get the sweeping motion going. Find our playlist on Spotify here. 

If you've set aside the whole of Easter for tidying and cleaning, it's a good idea to use our big checklist to make sure you get it all done. Find it here.