Diapers, Sustainability and hard work!

If you ask me, owner of Humdakin, I can honestly say that it’s not easy finding a balance when you’re the founder and director of your own company while having a two-month-old baby, a one-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. I’m extremely grateful for my job as a director and being able to grow my own company, but I’m even more grateful for my job as a mom. However, doing both jobs isn’t easy work. Between the kids’ naps, meals, making lunch boxes, and picking them up from daycare and kindergarten, I work tirelessly to answer mails and do the jobs that my 4th child, Humdakin, demands. That means that I never have “me time”, so I don’t do yoga, go to the movies or have any days off - which is a choice I took before the launch of Humdakin. I’m either working or hanging out with my children. 

I give all of myself and my energy to my family and Humdakin. I do this because I believe  that eco- and allergy-friendly cleaning can help create a happy and safe home for my family. Even before my home was filled with diapers, I’ve had a huge focus on sustainable cleaning. So much so that I spent almost 5 years, while owning my own cleaning service company, creating a brand and products that I could be proud of - a brand that centers around allergy-friendly and sustainable cleaning and housekeeping products in beautiful packaging, inspired by Scandinavian nature.

Thanks to all this hard work, back then and now, Humdakin has been welcomed with open arms. I give myself 100% for my retailers and customers, because it is important for me to have good relationships. I also give myself 100% to the development of my products, as I only accept the best formulas I myself would love to have in my own home with three young children.

I will continue giving all my time and energy to both my children and Humdakin, so I can help as many as possible on their way towards a sustainable and effective cleaning, because a clean home creates calmness, consistency and cleanliness. The 3 C’s are something that I focus on to get through a busy everyday life. To be able to create new products that help with this and that make a difference in a modern home, is my mission. The vision is to teach the whole world to love keeping clean, rather than cleaning as a weekly chore. 

The idea behind Humdakin came to me while I owned my own cleaning company, because I felt I needed products that at that time didn’t exist. That’s why I decided to create my own range, which later proved to be the base of my own concept. The goal for this range also turned out to be the stepping stone for the devotion of my life and investment of everything I own in Humdakin. I so desperately needed effective products that weren’t industrial cleaning products and needed them to be allergy-friendly, low on preservatives and created with the environment in mind. Equally as important was my wish from the beginning to create a concept that helped people want to clean and style, so the cleaning products didn’t have to be hidden away under the kitchen sink. 

Thank you for being a part of my Humdakin universe filled with lovely children

- Camilla Schram, founder and owner of Humdakin