Creating products with a good conscience

Here at Humdakin our biggest focus is creating hypoallergenic products. They are created specifically to be allergy-friendly. Therefore the ingredients in our products are very carefully chosen so we’re able to offer hand care and cleaning products without parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical perfumes, endocrine disrupting substances or carcinogens. Moreover, all products by Humdakin are vegan and not tested on animals. 

On top of all that, we also have our planet in mind every time new products are being developed, which is why all of our products are concentrated or have formulas where a little goes a long way. The ingredients and materials have been carefully selected to be as sustainable as possible. 

Maybe you’re looking for an alternative for cleaning and housekeeping products in your everyday life that live up to all of these standards? Maybe you’re looking for allergy-friendly cleaning products or laundry detergent that still smells clean and adds a pleasant and mild scent to your clothes? 

Us at Humdakin have many things in common, one of them being that we believe there is no better feeling than a clean home that smells clean and newly washed laundry that smells mild but fress - without compromising on the environment and our surroundings. That’s why our liquid products contain hypoallergenic perfume from natural ingredients - and all our scents are mild and last for a long time. 

For us, that creates serenity and a feeling of safety in our everyday life  - and products that offer that are the kind that we are passionate about creating and working on every day.