Candles are not only cozy in winter, but in winter it's naturally more cozy and appropriate to light those little cozy flames. It's darker, the days get shorter and shorter and it all fades into a big party and holiday season that ties a bow on the winter fun. It's easy to set a cozy mood by simply lighting a few candles. 

But we don't think candles are just for winter. We often light candles during the day. And especially scented candles are lit regularly. For us, lighting a scented candle or two simply does something for the mood. It lifts the mood and spreads a mild, pleasant and soothing scent. A scent that is authentic and clean, that doesn't seem artificial or untimely, but instead extends and complements the feeling of a clean home.

And even if it's broad daylight, it's calming and adds a cozy element to everything from couch coziness, to dinner with loved ones or while getting creative with hobbies and projects.


And there's nothing more cozy than lighting a candle at nightfall. Even in the summer. Although, naturally, we spend a lot more time outside - even in the evening. That's why we actually use candles and scented candles outside. It makes everything just that little bit more cozy.

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