During stressful periods, many people might turn to yoga, massage or exercise to create inner peace and well-being. But did you know that cleaning can actually have the same effect on the mind?

For many of us, a clean and organized home can de-stress and create inner balance. So what exactly are the benefits of cleaning, and how can you incorporate new cleaning rituals into your life?

Cleaning enhances your well-being

Making sure your home is clean and tidy will bring calm and harmony to your surroundings, and this will affect your mind. That's why we believe cleaning is wellness.

A dirty and cluttered home can often lead to stress and guilt - many of us aren't even aware of how much our surroundings affect our minds, but all of us can probably relate to feeling more relaxed and calm in clean and organised surroundings.

For some, the act of cleaning itself can be therapeutic, while the result is a sense of satisfaction and control, both over yourself and your surroundings.

When you clean and tidy your things, you create peace of mind. Most of us can probably also relate to the fact that working at a clean desk is far more motivating.

The ultimate goal of tidying and cleaning is always to achieve a home that brings joy. A clean and tidy home boosts your endorphins, brings joy and creates greater energy. Similarly, you may find that you are more easily inspired to prioritise your health and wellbeing in clean surroundings.

Less is more

A good exercise is to declutter. The fewer things you surround yourself with, the more aware you will also become of your inner needs. Many of us live with things we don't care about or don't bother to get rid of, even though the truth is we probably never use half of what we own.

There are many benefits to getting rid of your stuff. As with cleaning (which also gets easier the fewer things you own), you can create calm and control over your surroundings. Plus, you'll have far more space to spend on the things that actually matter to you. 

Start small

Many of us run into cleaning fatigue before we've even got started, because we expect ourselves to clean out the whole home in an afternoon. But it's better to start small and take it a little step at a time. We believe that keeping clean, rather than cleaning is key.

You might want to make a list of the things you want to accomplish the next week - You can use our cleaning check list as inspiration. The key is to not make the list so long that it ends up being a stressor.

Finally, of course, it's about having fun while you clean and tidy, so put on your favourite music or a good podcast, and let the motivation kick in. Most importantly, it's about finding a cleaning ritual that suits you, and gives you the feeling of wellness.