Cleaning for generations - the bathroom part 2.

You properly already know that the toilet should be cleaned very thoroughly. It is obvious why, but do you realise what the consequences are if it is not done?

March is already well started and so is spring. In continuation of spring cleaning, this week we’re shedding light on the bathroom and why it’s essential to have a clean and comfortable environment here.

This week’s Cleaning For Generations focus is once again the bathroom, but this time the toilet and taps are particularly in our spotlight.

The toilet is the one room in the house with the most bacteria, that probably does not come as a surprise. And that’s why it is vital that you clean it thoroughly. It’s home to both salmonella and E coli. In fact, your toilet should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, but wiping and cleaning up visible dust and dirt should of course be done immediately.

Every time you flush, the bacteria in the toilet bowl gets stirred up by the flush and swirls further into the room. They can settle in shower curtains, towels, toothbrushes, taps and surfaces, among other things. And the bacteria thrive in both damp and dirty environments. The bathroom is therefore the ideal habitat for bacteria.

Research even shows that salmonella bacteria can survive up to 6 weeks in the toilet bowl.

Unfortunately, it’s not always enough close the toilet seat when flushing. The pressure in the bowl increases when the seat is closed, which can cause bacteria to swirl more violently into the room. You can compare this with holding your finger in front of a water hose. Here the pressure also rises, and the water sprays out in a sharp jet.

The bacteria settle in the dirt, water and limescale and live on unproblematically. If bacteria are not removed regularly, there is a risk that they’ll spread to the rest if your house, your surroundings and, in worst case, the food you eat.

Humdakin recommends:

  • Clean all surfaces, handles and doorknobs at least once a week.
  • Clean the bowl with toilet cleaner at least once a week.
  • Don’t forget the toilet brush. Replace it at least 4 times a year and wash it, once a month. For example, in our Universal Cleaner.
  • Put a spray bottle of mixed water and Universal Cleaner in the bathroom to remove dirt easily during the busy every day.
  • Remove limescale from the taps and water nozzles in the shower head once a week.
  • Clean the bathroom mirror – soap scum, water, and dirt on it are also ideal breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • If necessary, have fragrance sticks and/or room spray to remove bad smells and instead spread a pleasant, fresh scent.