Cleaning For Generations - the bathroom part 1.

With February well underway, we continue Cleaning For Generations. This time focusing on a new space: the bathroom.

Despite the fact that we wash ourselves clean in this room, it is far from being the cleanest.

Every day we are exposed to countless different viruses and bacteria. Most of them are harmless and many of them we are resistant to. But there are a few we can't tolerate. And precisely because we are exposed to these bacteria anyway, it is important to be aware of where they are hiding.

You're probably already very aware of washing your hands after using the toilet, but not everyone feels the same way.

After using the toilet, your hands are most often exposed to gut bacteria, which settle on the flush button and the toilet seat, among other things. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we wash our hands afterwards to prevent the bacteria from spreading further. Including on door handles, taps, other surfaces in your home, electrical sockets and more.

Also to avoid the germs being passed on to others who visit your bathroom afterwards.

Depending on the bacteria, they can survive for 14 days and up to a month on various surfaces. Bacteria thrive best in moist and greasy environments, such as soap and toothpaste residues in the bathroom. If these bacteria are not removed regularly, there is a risk that they will be transferred to the rest of your house, your surroundings and in the worst case the food you consume.

Your own hand hygiene is top notch, but so can that of your guests. At Humdakin, we encourage keeping clean, rather than cleaning. That way, you're always keeping up with germs - even in the bathroom.

One of the five focal points Camilla had when developing Humdakin and our products, besides efficiency, was aesthetics. We want our products to be so aesthetically pleasing that they can be displayed in the bathroom, for example, making it easier to keep clean.

Humdakin recommends:

  • Clean all surfaces, handles and door handles once a week, at least.
  • Clean the bowl with toilet cleaner once a week, at least.
  • Always knock the board down when flushing the toilet.
  • Keep a spray bottle of mixed universal cleaner in the bathroom to help remove dirt on a daily basis.
  • Remove limescale once a week - at least.
  • If necessary, have fragrance sticks and/or room spray to remove bad smells and instead spread a pleasant, fresh scent.