Clean & Style - Mixing our different colors

Clean & Style - Mixing our different colors

Whether you’re a colorful Carly or a dusty Darlene, with Humdakin’s textiles you’re able to find the perfect color for your home, as well as mix and match our variety of colors.  

In our range of GOTS certified, organic cotton textiles you’ll find over 12 different colors, all inspired by Scandinavian nature. Combine our tea towels, kitchen towels and dish cloths to finish off the look in your kitchen. You can also style the soft knitted towel in the guest toilet and bathroom.

In this post we have chosen different colors as inspiration for how you can mix our textile colors.


Combine these two colors for a warm but calm look that looks great with wood and both dark or light surfaces in the kitchen.

Latte light stone textile Humdakin



If you’re like us and just can’t get enough of green and love welcoming nature in your home, then combine the fresh, light color Dusty Green with the darker Green Seaweed.

green kitchen textile Humdakin



The colors that scream spring and summer! Mix our new spring color Clay with the color Dusty Powder to add bright and happy summer vibes to any setting.  

pink red dusty powder textile GOTS organic Humdakin



Combine the beautiful and popular color Dark Ash, with a hint of lavender, with the cooler color Stone. This will give a more neutral look but is far from dull!

Grey ash lavender GOTS organic textiles Humdakin



Our two other spring news, Oak and Khaki, are two delicate colors that work well in any home. They mix beautifully with white and wooden surfaces in the kitchen.

yellow clay oak GOTS organic textile Humdakin


All of our colors are chosen carefully, in order for them to complement each other – the only limit is your imagination! See the full collection here...

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