Checklist for Outdoor Cleaning

Prepare your outdoor areas for Summer using Humdakin's Outdoor Cleaning Checklist.

With the arrival of spring, we quietly prepare to expand our homes to include serene outdoor spaces. Soon the sun will be a daily visitor (hopefully) and to welcome back a long-missed friend, our outdoor furniture is brought back from the winter. However, they might need a loving hand to wake up properly from hibernation and that's what we will guide you through with our Outdoor Cleaning Checklist.

Cleaning the Terrace and Balcony

If you are lucky enough to own a terrace or balcony, you probably know the feeling of stepping out in the scent of fresh summer air and the sound of birds chirping. It makes us feel happy all the way in our stomachs. But before we can fully immerse ourselves in the moment, we might have to clean.

Start by sweeping away dirt, dust, and spider webs with a hand broom or brush. Start from the top and work your way down on door frames, walls, and corners. If you have a balcony your downstairs neighbor might appreciate that you use a dustpan to collect the dirt instead of sweeping it off the balcony. Use a universal cleaner and water in a bucket or spray bottle as well as a cloth, brush, or broom to wash away dirt and bird droppings from all surfaces. Finish off by washing windows and floors.

Give your garden furniture the same treatment. Brush away dust and spider webs and use universal cleaner, water, and a bucket or spray bottle as well as a brush or cloth to wipe off the more resistant dirt. Finish by bringing your cushions and a cup of coffee outside and soak in the sun.


Cleaning your Greenhouse

Owning a greenhouse extends the season and serene Summer nights. After a long and cold winter, it will need a refresher with soap and water. Start by sweeping away dust and spider webs from all surfaces. Follow up by using universal cleaner and water to wash away dirt. If it needs an extra firm hand, you can swap out universal cleaner for 100 - 200 ml. grime remover. Make sure to get into the corners and where the windows overlap. Use a garden hose to wash away the soap and finish by wiping it off with a dry cloth or tea towel. 


Washing the windows can sometimes seem like an immense task - especially when there are more than a few. But it is worth it, because you’ll have such a great view of Summer.

Use universal cleaner or dish soap and water as well as a squeegee to wash your windows. Use cold water and maybe a bit of vinegar to avoid streaks and get a better result. Use your squeegee in one sweep - start from the upper left corner and form a backward S. Make sure to overlap a bit to avoid stripes. Finish by wiping off with a dry cloth or towel.



Now that you’ve cleaned and given your outdoor areas the attention it deserves, it’s time to style and cozy up the area. There are plenty of ways to do this. Find some pretty, big flower pots for your favorite flowers, plants, and herbs. If you have a smaller balcony, a flower box will free space from the floor and still radiate luxuriant Summer vibes! Get a nice rug, cushions, and plaids in your favorite colors, and finish off with lanterns, string lights, or lamps.

If you own a greenhouse, arrange a space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, drink, and a chat with a friend well into the night.

Now you can enjoy summer and a glass of your favorite drink in your serene outdoor space prepared for new summer memories.

Download our checklist in PDF here!