Camilla's Christmas Traditions

The first part of my Christmas preparations that I'd like to share with you is about traditions. 

My favorite part about Christmas is the traditions that I have with my family. Keeping traditions alive ensures that you spend quality time with each other. All families have different traditions, and I think it's so interesting hearing what others do! I've made a list of the traditions that i definitely will be making time for in December.

camillas juleforberedelser

Tip: Most of us have tried blinking, and December is almost over! Spend a little time already today planning some of the activities and traditions you know you want to have time for, so everyday life doesn't take over with work and to-do's!  


  • Take a walk in the forest or local nature, and find some greenery that you can use in your home. It's lovely to be out with family and friends, especially if itøs chilly! I get so inspired by the Danish nature and often collect broken off twigs or stones that I can use as Christmas decoration - free and degradable!  
  • Buy Advent gifts or make a "gift calendar", a tradition that Danish kids love! They receive one small gift each day up til Christmas. It doesn't have to be excessive and it's not 24 small plastic toys they receive. Instead I like to buy practical things they need, something they can eat or toys made of natural materials. I love this tradition so much that even though I have 3 small children this Christmas, I'm still making one for all of them! 
  • Christmas markets - support the small local artists and drink a cup of mulled wine. Theres usually many online lists of Christmas markets or fairs in your local area. My favorite close to Aarhus, where I live, is the market at Rosenholm Castle. It doesn't get any more cozy than Christmas at a castle!  
  • Make Christmas wreaths! Use moss, pine, eucalyptus, ornaments or whatever you have. My mother, sister and I have all been in the florist industry, so we love making Christmas ornaments or wreaths with the kids in our family. 
  • Baking day is another one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We spend a whole day baking together and listening to festive musik. Some families have old recipes that have been passed down through generations, others create their own recipes. We have two old recipes we use every year and the rest of the recipes I find in this month's Christmas magazines.  
    • Christmas cleaning! My grandmother taught my mother, who taught me,  that the best way to get a clean home is to keep it clean. Even though I keep my home clean throughout December, I love doing a deep clean a couple of days before Christmas - the big Christmas cleaning day we call it in my home! You can probably guess what my favorite product to clean with is. While cleaning I listen to Christmas music and when I'm done it's time for baked goods and hot chocolate 
    • Ice skating is the perfect activity to get you into the cozy winter mood, and it's been a while since I've gone! My daughter is old enough now to try it, and I think she would love if I brought back this tradition. 
    • Invite friends and family over for Christmas treats and "Secret Santa" - an American tradition that I love! 
    • Homemade Christmas ornaments are lovely in their own right. Kids enjoy making them and grandparents enjoy receiving them - it's perfect! We have a box at home that we always put papir scraps in throughout the year. The kids use these scraps to make ornaments in December - super easy and a great way to use your papir, ribbon etc. waste!
    • Another tradition is writing a letter to Santa. I usually sit with my daughter and help her write hers - kids' Christmas joy is just so contagious!
    • This tradition is important - making sure you have some "me time" to read all the Christmas magazines and drink a cup of tea (or wine). This will give you lots of inspiration for gifts, decorations and festive foods.