Camilla’s top 3 tips for cleaning - and November Challenge!

The calender says November and, therefore, we are repeating the success with our November Challenge! Here we’re challenging you to small tasks everyday of November, so you can get organized, cleaned and styled before Christmas is here.

Keep an eye on our social media where we will guide you through your cleaning throughout November.

Our November challenge is inspired by Camilla’s top 3 tips for cleaning

1. Keep organized

Make sure to clean up and organize your home. This can be done by making sure that your home only contains things that are creating value for you and your family. This is applicable in windowsills, drawers and your wardrobe, too. Use a day to get organized and you’ll experience keeping your home in order will be much more manageable. The most important thing to remember is to prepare your cleaning, so it won’t be stressful – split up the cleaning over the days of the week.

TIP: make your home nice and make sure that it feels safe and comfy for you and your family. You can do this my lighting candles or having fresh flowers out.

2. Use the dish washer and washing machine.

I wash many things in my dish washer such as accessories for the extractor hood, dryer and washing machine. The dryer needs cleaning more than you thinks and the drawer for laundry soap in your washing machine can contain much soap residue and bacteria. Toys, trinkets and other inventory can easily handle a trip to the dish washer. Letting the dish washer do the work can save you a bunch of time in a busy life.

 TIP: a lot of toys and trinkets can handle the dish washer – then it’s almost as new.

3. Clean a bit every day

Never leave your home without having cleared the sink for dishes, made your bed, put away laundry and walked through the home. Tidy every room and make sure that the laundry is not a mess and put away and that the dish washer has been emptied or running. I promise it will all be worth the effort, when you get back home and you might have your hands full.

 Tip: Clean your shower curtain often – once a month. Use Humdakin laundry soap and hang it wet in the shower, pull it and let it dry and lovely scent will spread in the bathroom. The same can be done with the curtains throughout the house. 

Scents are my biggest motivation to keep the home nice and clean. The scent of a clean home, clean towels, clean bedding or the feeling of self-satisfaction that comes from folding the laundry with the scent of Humdakin. Change your bed sheet once a week – you will not regret it! 

Print your own November Challenge here and hang it on in your home. Then you’re ready every day!