Are you ready for spring cleaning?

Easter is just around the corner, and unless you have a vacation planned, the Easter holidays are the perfect opportunity to get around corners, nooks and crannies and the places you otherwise forget about in everyday life. 

Get ready for spring cleaning with Humdakin

At Humdakin, spring cleaning is one of the holidays, and we love that it coincides so nicely with Easter, so there's plenty of time to set aside to enjoy cleaning. To make it easy for ourselves - and you - we've created our great Spring Cleaning Checklist, so you've got the first step covered: the plan. Then we promise it's easy to get started.

Download our checklist HERE

It all starts with a good universal cleaner

One of the things that can make spring cleaning easy and straightforward is to use as few, but effective products as possible. That's why at Humdakin, it all starts with our all-purpose cleaner. Humdakin's cleaner is a mild cleaning product with no harsh chemicals, harsh preservatives and additives or synthetic coloring. Therefore, the product is pH neutral and can be used on all water tolerant surfaces. The products is also soap-based and very effective, so you can use it with a good conscience in the bathroom, in the children's room and for washing wooden floors. The best part? It leaves the best scent, and now there are even 3 lovely scents to choose from.

Save water with the spray bottle

Making the whole house shine can be heavy on the water use. But it doesn't have to be. Humdakin's universal cleaner is a concentrate, so that's why you need to mix it with water yourself. Just mix 5ml of all-purpose cleaner with 500ml of water in our empty spray bottle, and you're ready to go. Dampen a cloth and use it - remember to turn it - and just rinse once in a while. This way you save water, but you also avoid cleaning in dirty water when you spray the fresh mixture on your surfaces.

So with a checklist, all-purpose cleaner and spray bottle, you're ready to go!