April styling inspiration

April styling inspiration

We love when you share your Humdakin pictures with us on Instagram and Facebook! It’s so fun to see how our products look in your home and to hear you talk about them.

There are so many amazing pictures where you show us how you style your Humdakin products. We’ve chosen a few pictures that we want to share with you, because they exemplify some of our favorite styling tips. So if you need a bit of distraction from the current situation, if you need inspiration for styling at home, or if you just love to see how other people decorate their homes, then keep on reading!

Spa vibes in your bathroom

Picture from @salmonstreet

Small details can create a cozy, spa vibe in your bathroom,  making it more than just a functional room. Trine and Anders behind the instagram account @salmonstreet are in the middle of a crazy beautiful renovation process! One way that they create a special atmosphere in this room, other than the beautiful raw materials they use, is by adding a small stool in the corner, with a Humdakin candle on. Stools and benches are great ways to create little decorative nooks in a bathroom, and you can style them with rolled up towels, a plant or a Humdakin scented candle for a relaxed spa vibe. 

Picture from @strandboulevarden

Creating a spa atmosphere is also about adding a little bit of luxury, just like the couple behind the instagram account @strandboulevarden did when they updated their bathroom with a gorgeous sink. A matching hand and lotion set or a scented candle styled on a beautiful tray is a little detail with a large impact. Using trays for soaps and lotions in the bathroom, candles and decorations in the living room or dish soaps and brushes in the kitchen also makes the area appear more organized and luxurious.


Organize the products

Picture from @humdakin

If you have a laundry room or bathroom that uses raw materials, like wooden surfaces, zink or brick, then embrace the look and style with raw materials as well. Here we used an old brick form to keep the products nice and organized in our laundry room / entrance. Having a wood hand brush like the one in the picture in your entrance is a really good idea, because it can be used to clean dirty shoes or vegetables from the garden that you want to clean before bringing into the house.

Picture from @carlasofiemolge
You can also let your laundry products become part of the styling by organizing them in a decorative tray or box. Find one that matches the colors in your bathroom or laundry room, so it blends into the surroundings and creates a calm look. The Humdakin products are very simple and classic in design, so choose soft tones to surround them with, just like the box that Carla Sofie, from the aesthetic instagram account @carlasofiemolge, chose. 


Neutral or colorful

Picture from @laurabakoe

Many apartments have smaller kitchens, or quirky corners that are small and charming, just like Laura’s lovely kitchen and home she shows on her instagram account @laurabakoe. The Humdakin products are perfect for the smaller kitchens or compact areas, because they have a lightweight and neutral design that not only fits with any color palette, but also doesn’t take up too much space in a room. They add a hint of elegance without being overpowering in the room.

Picture from @prchtg
However, while the products have a neutral design, we also have a range of textiles in many different colors, earth toned as well as the brighter, more colorful tones. One amazing example of styling with color are the two girls behind the bright and inspiring instagram account @prchtg. By choosing the right textiles colors, even a simple, neutral kitchen can become stylishly colorful - it’s all in the details! Our textiles include dish cloths, knitted kitchen towels and tea towels and are all in organic cotton! Mix and match colors like @prchtg to fit whatever other decorations and colors you have in your kitchen.


Creating atmospheres

Picture from @mittpallas

Even just the addition of a simple hand lotion can make all the difference. Frida behind @mittpallas is very talented at using natural materials and darker tones to create a serene and calm atmosphere in all of her rooms. By adding a hand lotion to your bedside table, dresser, or table in the entrance way, you automatically change the appearance. The hand lotion signifies taking care of guests and yourself, but also is perfect for the simple, natural areas that you want to spice up but still keep looking minimalistic.

Picture from @tthese_beautiful_thingss


The same can be said for our fragrance sticks or scented candle. If you have a shelf, display cabinets or other furniture that you can decorate, add a scented candle or fragrance stick to not only style but also add a mild scent to the room. These mild and clean scents are perfect for creating relaxing atmospheres in any room. If you think that the candle or fragrance sticks looks a little “alone” standing there, try placing them on top of a small stack of magazine, coffee table books or on a tray. This adds some definition to the look of the candle or fragrance sticks and gives them a little height. A great example of this is Viktoria’s beautiful picture from @tthese_beautiful_things, where she uses coffee table books and our ample fragrance sticks as a simple and balanced decorative element.


Natural materials

Picture from @bllhome

Finally, a styling tip would be to use natural materials as a background for the Humdakin products. Both light wood and dark marble are beautiful bases that complement and are complemented by the Humdakin products. The first example of this is from @bllhome ‘s ever stylish and aesthetic instagram universe, where she styles the fragrance sticks on a shelf of light wood. The light wood and beige Humdakin label create a calm and clean look.

Picture from @synne_k


In contrast to the previous picture, this picture shows the scented candle styled on a black marble coffee table. This creates a completely different feeling than the light wood, but also works perfectly with the classic Humdakin design. Synne behind the beautiful @synne_k instagram account has also added fresh flowers as the cherry on top of a gorgeous, yet simple coffee table styling. The dark colors of the marble and the candle complement the fresh, light flowers, which is also one of our favorite things to style with! 

Picture from @carlasofiemolge


In contrast, the neutral colors of Humdakin also work well with dusty pastel colors or metals like zinc, copper or brass. @Carlasofiemolge ‘s beautiful kitchen is an example of how you can style your kitchen with dish soap, soap and a dish brush. Choosing a marble vase like she did to hold the wooden Humdakin brush is a great way to mix materials and turn something as practical as a dish brush into a stylish element. Her brass sink also exemplifies the versatility of Humdakin products when it comes to styling with different materials and in different rooms.

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