Appreciate the small things in life

Especially when they’re allergy- and eco-friendly!

Fresh Laundry


This February, we want to shine a light on the small things in life that make a difference for our happiness. It is often those small things that we forget to appreciate when our lives get busy. By prioritizing small bits of happiness in your daily life, you become more resilient when life throws you a curveball. It allows you a greater perspective  because instead of only thinking about that curveball and the negativity it brings, you’re able to find happiness in fresh laundry, new flowers, or the gentle breeze from an open window.

Our favorite “small thing” in everyday life is newly washed bed sheets and linen. There’s nothing better than getting into bed at the end of a long day and being enveloped by the clean and mild smell of fresh sheets and linen. The hardships of the day slip away, and it helps us welcome a good night’s sleep.

laundry soap and fabric softener


What makes this experience even better, is knowing that your sheets and linen have been washed in allergy friendly laundry soap and fabric softener, with mild scents derived from the Nordic ingredients chamomile and sea buckthorn. Humdakin’s laundry soap and fabric softener don’t use parabens or chemical perfumes that some detergents use in order to ensure the newly washed clothes smell strong. With our soap and softener, you can snuggle into your sheets without worrying about any chemical perfume residue.

To bring you even more peace of mind before falling asleep in newly washed sheets, Humdakin’s detergents are not only allergy friendly, but also eco-friendly. They don’t contain harsh preservatives and the plastic bottles the product comes in are recyclable. To top it off, a little bit of product goes a long way - so if you wish to use fabric softener, you only need 2 tablespoons, or 30 ml, to get your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Both the laundry soap and fabric softener protect the fabrics in your clothes and sheets and contains Nordic ingredients that contribute to a mild but fresh smell.

So, remember to let fresh, newly washed sheets become a moment of happiness in your everyday life.