And then that was 2020!

The calendar now (finally) says 2021, and for many that might mean looking forward to brighter days and a Spring, that is just around the corner. However, the New Year also gives an opportunity to reflect and look back at the year that suddenly went by. 

Lots of Exhibitions

The year started great. We went to more trade fairs than any past season. We visited both Paris, Oslo, Frankfurt and of course Formland in Denmark. Even though Corona already hang around like a dark cloud, we had great fairs with both new and familiar faces, which is something that makes us love going so much! 

Together alone

Then suddenly we could not outrun Corona any longer and the streets were left silent. Standing together and social distancing became two important things for everybody this spring. At Humdakin we saw it as an opportunity to keep fighting - even harder, and luckily that all paid off. We had all our dear retailers in mind, which were affected by the situation, and we could not be more proud. 

A journey of growth

Something we certainly will look back on, is the journey Humdakin has been on, despite a hard year. In the office, we have welcome 4 new faces and a lot of new customers - and markets. We have send orders to a new territory: Asia, where you will find Humdakin in China, Taiwan, and Japan in the new year. We also have new sales offices in Sweden and Belgium.  

The fact that it's going upwards and onwards for Humdakin is something we are very proud of, and it has taken blood, sweat and tears, and more excitement for the new year than ever. In the new year you can look forward to a lot of great news from Humdakin on the shelves and we are happy you are with us on the journey. Without great customers and retailers we wouldn't be here.