And that was 2021..

Time flies like Santa in his cane, and before we knew it, another year passed at Humdakin.

At Humdakin, 2021 has once again been something of a whirlwind of surprises, good news, and champagne. In 2021, we said both hello and "see you" to great employees, as well as welcomed a lot of new retailers and new markets, among other things. We launched our first Christmas collection and our bath collection, which also means that you can now find Humdakin in exclusive hotels and restaurants around Europe, while opening the door to a royal collaboration that we are very proud of.

However, 2021 has not been all roses at Humdakin. Among other things, we say no to several requests for retail on a daily basis, and sometimes time drags on for big and exciting projects, just as Covid19 has once again this year put a stop to and delayed several things at Humdakin. Despite this, we've had a great year and it's thanks to our many wonderful customers and partners. Thank you for being part of our journey ❤️

We are very excited to see what 2022 has to offer!

The year in numbers:

+ 1 Humdakin baby

+ 3 employees

+ 1 royal collaboration

+ 6 new markets

+ 213 partners

+ 85 new products in the catalogue.