Alternative use of your empty Humdakin packaging

We all are stuck with empty packaging from time to time, which we do not know how to handle. We can throw it out or re-cycle it, but it’s better for the environment and your wallet to be creative and finding new alternative ways to use the empty bottles. Here we have a few tips on how to reuse Humdakin packaging in your home.


Knitted dish cloth

Maybe you want to change up the colors in your kitchen and there’s some kitchen cloths you no longer need. Instead of throwing it out, use it as a wash cloth for your face in mornings and evenings, as it’s nice and soft. You can also use the dish cloth as a wash cloth in the shower to wash your small children.

Empty scented candle

When your candle has burned to the buttom of the glass container, it’s not over. The last bit of wax can be removed by pouring boiling hot water in the container and leave it till it’s cold. Now you can remove the exces candle and throw this out. The empty glass can now be used for storage. Store your cotton pads, cotton swaps, a succulent or pencils in the glass. Only the imagination sets the limit! 

  Spray bottle

Humdakin’s spray bottle is fun and games, when it comes to alternative usage. Use it on a hot summer day as a water gun for your children. Or use it to freshen up your plants by spraying them with clean water once a week.

 Little hand brush

Use the little hand brush with coconut fibers to remove soap residues from the laundry machine on your cloths. Brush the clothes gently with the brush and see how easy and quickly the soap spots are removed from the clothes. Using the brush will not leave you with a wet stain unlike a wet cloth. 

Fragrance flask

Firstly, wash the flask clean and now you can use the empty flask as a candle stick or a vase for small bouquets of flowers. Alternatively, you can remove the label and let the kids draw freely with glass pens or fill it with sand and sea shells to create a beachy vibe at home.

 Empty bottles

The empty bottles from your Humdakin universal cleaner, laundry soap or hand soaps can also be used again! Use them as toys in your kids pretend-shop or as a alternative vase for small bouquets of flowers. They can also be used as fun and games for children in the bath tub.

We hope these tips gave you some inspiration for alternative use, so you don’t need to throw it out just yet!