A year has passed – Thank you for a fantastic 2018!

Year 2018 – a year that has been nothing less than fantastic for Humdakin.

In February we welcomed Ida as the marketing coordinator for Humdakin. Following that, the year started with a successful exhibition at the Formland trade fair, where we not only had a lovely reunion with our retailers, but also were able to add more to our retailer list. We enjoy every trade fair and love meeting so many inspiring, sweet and positive people that visit our stand.

Another highlight this year was a wonderful reunion with our Norwegian retailers in Mauds Agency’s showroom in Oslo, where we had some great days together.

2018 became the year where the Humdakin family grew, and a tiny new member of Humdakin came into the world in May.

During the summer we again expanded our family, this time by joining the agency “Pedersen” in Germany, a country we since then have experienced substantial growth in.

When August came around, so did more trade fairs. Among these was a Formland trade fair that we will never forget, because it was there we won the award for “Product of the Year”. An award that we are as grateful for, as we are proud of – Thank you so much!

In September we participated in the ShowUp trade fair in Amsterdam – an exciting and inspiring exhibition that provided us the opportunity to meet with current retailers from Germany and Holland. It also gave us the opportunity to add even more retailers to our list after some busy, but wonderful, days in the beautiful capital.

2018 was also the year where we introduced our popular Spray Bottle, an environmentally friendly choice for daily cleaning, since it can be used over and over again with our Universal Cleaner. On top of that, we also launched our new hand care collection with two new product additions, containing the Scandinavian ingredients elderflower, birch, cranberry and peony.

A new online universe was created, where you can shop from Instagram, find inspiration as well as retailers, and read interesting articles on our blog.

In November we celebrated our 2-year birthday, a truly wonderful day in the home of Humdakin.

Last but not least, 2018 was the year where Humdakin was made available online or in stores in 15 different countries, with new additions like the US, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

We want to thank you for a fantastic year that wouldn’t have been the same without you! Thank you for following our journey, for your sweet words and positive support – it means the world to us!

Bring on 2019 – We’ll be busy and we’re looking very much forward to it!