Humdakin isn't just built on a set of values with an eye only for detergents and liquid products in general. We also place a huge value on producing beautiful textiles in the best possible quality and made from responsible materials - at a price that matches our ambitions and meets our quality requirements. Our values revolve around Humdakin as a concept where you can find everything for cleaning, kitchen and bathroom.

Organizing, cleaning and styling rarely happens by itself. It takes something out of all of us to overcome these tasks. But with effective products designed for the different processes, we make it easy to overcome and get through. That way, you'll naturally live up to our vision that cleaning shouldn't be a chore, but something you enjoy doing. And do a little every day so that you keep clean instead of cleaning.

And for this, you need the right materials and 'tools'.

Our 'check' collection is a prime example of this, a twist on the classic chef's tea towel that extends its classic and familiar design in several different textiles for your kitchen. This way you can mix and match and create a red and cohesive thread throughout your kitchen. We've changed the colors a bit, giving them a more modern touch and aligning them with our brand DNA.


In our check collection you'll find textiles such as tea towels, towels and tablecloths that you can style your kitchen and streamline the look in one of the three color variants; green, light brown and dark brown. But you'll also find textiles that are essential and indispensable when cooking - even with children in the kitchen.

Complement your kitchen textiles with oven gloves, aprons and aprons for children and avoid unforeseen accidents.

We just know they'll look great in your kitchen.

See our entire check collection here.