7 ways to add hand care to your daily routine!

Here's some ideas for where to keep your Humdakin lotion so you remember to use it! Making it part of your daily routine will help fight off dry winter hands. hand lotion humdakin allergy-friendly1. Bathroom sink: Keep it next to your hand soap! That way you can use it every time you wash your hands, which will keep them soft and moisturized. 

2. Handbag: Keep the travel-sized lotion in your handbag, so you can use it in school, at work or at friends.

3. Your car: When you're driving you can't help but notice how dry your hands are. Keep a lotion in your car to make sure you have easy access to it, so you don't have to stare at dry hands on the steering wheel. 

4. Next to your coffee machine: The lotions are very beautifully designed and can therefore be used as a design element anywhere. Style it next to your coffee machine so you use the lotion every morning when you make your cup  of coffee. 

5. In your make-up bag: Keeping it by your make-up means you make sure to use it daily, either before or after applying make-up. 

6. On your office desk: Keeping it by your desk at work is another good idea. If you need a little distraction, or want to treat yourself in the middel of a long work day, then reach for your Humdakin lotion!

7. In your entrance way: Either by your keys, on a console table or on a shelf by the front door. This way both you and your guests will be reminded to use the hand lotion after having been out in cold winter weather.