5 cleaning hacks from Camilla!

Cleaning can be a way to care for yourself and your family. At Humdakin we think cleaning is something to be proud of and honor! It creates energy for the week, but with a busy life, cleaning can be streamlined, so you can have a clean home with a good conscience and time for resting after a long day. Keep reading for our tips!

First og all, it is important to decide for yourself if a morning routine or night time routine is best for your. By doing so, you can better have a system for your cleaning throughout the week. It's about taking advantage of the time slots where you have your hands free during the day, so you can optimize better. 

Our 5 hacks: 

  •  Plan your cleaning and make it to routines. For examples, vacuum thoroughly twice a week and and wash them after. Mix universal cleaner and warm water in a bucket and make sure to wring the mob, so dirt is not transferred round in the water. 

  • Make a task nicer by making them routines. Spend 10 minutes in the morning or evening folding the laundry, cleaning away toys, wiping surfaces or cleaning the toilet before your morning shower or brushing teeth. Use Humdakin anti-calc spray on faucets and in the sink and on tiles and rinse. If you distribute task over the week, it will not be a big thing to overcome all in once. Have a spray bottle with water and universal cleaner accessible in the kitchen and bad, so it's always at hand. 

  • Use waiting time while cooking. While the lasagna is in the oven, wipe of cabinets and drawers and clean out old food in the fridge and wipe of the shelves while you wait. Use a anti-calc and spray down the sink and faucet. Let it sit for a minute and use a brush to scrub the limescale away. Rinse and wipe with a clean tea towel. 

  • You probably know the feeling of laying down in new, soft and newly washed bedding. Give yourself the luxury weekly by spending 10 minutes changing the sheets. To ensure the nicest feeling, wash it at at least 60° degrees (preferably 90°) and add Humdakin fabric softener for soft and mildly and clean scented bedding. 

  • Treat yourself! What's better than styling with fresh cut flowers in a freshly cleaned home? Buy some fresh flowers for your self every week, or cut branches and the green of the season. Soon the spring finally arrives and the forrest and gardens are filled with light green leaves and spring flowers. Right now we are crazy about tulips! It gives a fresh feeling and makes the soul happy! 

We hope that these tips can inspire you to include the small tasks in your everyday life, so cleaning becomes manageable, and you easily can keep clean during sa busy week.