19 words of cleaning

19 words of cleaning

Cleaning is usually straight forward, but sometimes not. Here, we're going through 19 words in cleaning, with tips and tricks we hope can inspire you - maybe you'll learn something new? 

1. Descaling. Where we are in Denmark, limescale is not a stranger. Therefore, it's good to have one great way to avoid it. At Humdakin, we propose creating yourself a good routine. Use a limescale remover such as our anti-calc spray once a week, so you can keep it down in kitchen and bath. 

2. Bath. No matter how many people you are in your household, during the week, a lot of dirt, limescale, and soap residue can occur in the shower and bath. Make sure to clean thoroughly with universal cleaner and limescale remover once a week. You can use a good brush in the shower to scrub off the dirt. 

3. Disinfection. To disinfect means removing bacteria. Even though we as humans are designed to live with a bacterial flora at home, there are - especially in these days - some bacteria we would rather avoid. Make sure to clean contact spots, kitchen, and bath regularly with a good universal cleaner such as Humdakin's which easily and effectively removes bacteria and dirt. Don't forget remote controls, computers and phones.  

4. Extractor hood. How often do you clean your extractor hood? A lot of grease and soot will gather and therefore, it should be cleaned once a month. Make it easy on yourself and put it in the dish washer, or leave it soaking in a mixture of warm water and dish soap, scrub and wash off the soap and grease. Let it dry on a tea towel. 

5. Humidity. Moisture can be great, but it can also be really bad - especially inside your home. There can be multiple signs for a high moisture inside such as steam and dew on the windows and mold. Make sure to air out at least twice a day and after a shower, and avoid drying laundry inside. 

6. Floors. The floors in your home is subject to a lot of dirt, wear, and tear. So they deserve some love once in a while and the best solution is a mild and effective universal cleaner such as Humdakin's and a mop. Use a special cleaner if your floors require this. And remember, a great vacuum is essential for clean floors!

7. Main cleaning. At Humdakin we are big advocates for keeping clean instead of cleaning, as it saves you some time in the long run. But it doesn't mean that there at times need to be given some extra love to cleaning. Days where all nooks and cabinets get turned around and organized. Involve the whole household and finish with great food and a good time. 

8. Indoor climate. At great indoor climate is important to our health and general wellbeing during the day. Make sure to air out a few times a day and to have a steady room temperature of 20 - 23 degrees Celcius all day, and remember to turn on the extractor hood when cooking. You can also add some plants that are great for indoor climate such as aloe vera. 

9. Dish cloths. We can't forget the dish cloths in a regular household and there's a bunch of different options available which all has their own advantages. One thing is sure though: be sure to change out your dish cloths every day and for each room you are cleaning. Therefore, make sure to have dish cloths of great quality which can last wash after wash. We would always recommend dish cloths made of organic cotton, such as Humdakin's, which does not leave traces of micro plast. 

10. Smells. Unwanted odors and smells can be caused by many things, and some are just more welcome than others. Make sure to get some fresh air inside throughout the day, empty the trash and maybe give the drain some love. Use scented candles and fragrance sticks such as Humdakin's for a nice and clean smell. 

11. Marble. Marble is a popular material in home design and for trinkets, but it's also very delicate. The juice from a lemon can leave its footprints and marble does not take acids very well. If you haven't treated your marble with a treatment so it can take a mild universal cleaner, just wipe across with a damp cloth. 

12. Tidying. No cleaning without organizing and tidying up, and therefore, it's one of the most important things on the agenda. At Humdakin, we love a good organizing because it gives us an opportunity to get rid of all the things making a clutter in our home and in our mind. Spend 5 minutes morning and night to tidy the coffee table, putting away the kids' toys and the dishes - you'll feel so much lighter in your everyday life. 

13. Planning. A great cleaning can need a bit of planning. Start by setting goals for what you want to achieve - can you make it all in one day or do you need to spread it out over the weekend/week? Can some taskes be delegated and where do you start and end? Spread out the bigger tasks over the year, so you don't have to make it all in once. 


14. Cleaning products. At Humdakin, we love cleaning products and it all started with a love for cleaning and a lack of mild and effective products. We also believe that you can clean with just a few products - all you need is a universal cleaner, a limescale remover and a glass spray. Choose allergy-friendly, mild and effective such as Humdakin's. Also, make sure to use the recommended dosage. Overdosing does not make the home cleaner and it can be harmful to the environment. 

15. Vacuuming. Never underestimate a good vacuum. It does great things for you and your indoor climate to remove dust and dirt regularly. spend 10 minutes daily or every other day - and thoroughly once a week. 

16. Toilet. The toilet can be a big bacteria bomb if it's not cleaned regularly. Use a good universal cleaner to clean the outside of the toilet and a good limescale remover for the inside. Tip: use a dye-free toilet cleaner as the color can set in the lime scale residues. We recommend doing this twice a week, so you keep clean. 

17. Faucets. Faucets can quickly become dirty looking with daily use and limescale residues. Spray with universal cleaner regularly and dry with a dry and clean towel. You can also use a glass cleaner once in a while to keep it looking shiny and clean. Use a limescale remover once a week. Tip: take off the tip of the faucet and place it in a bowl with limescale remover and water, so you can get rid of limescale inside. 

18. Practice. Practice makes champions and the energy for cleaning comes with knowledge and great routines. This can rub off on the family's youngest, who will be cleaning professionals by the time they move out! Therefore, our tip is to involve the kids as much as possible in the daily chores. 

19. A year in cleaning. Even though we are good at keeping clean during the week, we can't avoid the times during the year, where a good in-depth cleaning is welcome. For example, spring cleaning is just around the corner and we are already planning! Besides this there's Christmas and a new year - and just tasks that doesn't need to be done more than once a month or a couple of times a year. Make a plan, so you easily can remember when you last descaled the coffee maker last or washed the windows. 

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