10 step - 10 minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Sometimes you just need a quick bathroom refresh - maybe it’s Wednesday night and you finally got the kids in bed or maybe you just found out guests are coming over - in 10 minutes! While we know that a good, in-depth cleaning of the bathroom is necessary at least once a week, sometimes you have a messy bathroom but only 10 minutes to freshen it up. Don’t let the lack of time worry you, you can still achieve a clean and styled bathroom if you only have 10 minutes. Remember to do a deep clean at least once a week, so you can rest assured that the small, quick bathroom refreshes throughout the week are effective. 

10 minutes to freshen up your bathroom 

Camilla, owner and CEO of Humdakin, is an expert cleaner. It’s not just a title she’s given herself - Camilla actually owned a cleaning company and cleaned for clients before she started Humdakin. That’s why Camilla knows what she’s doing when it comes to a clean and styled bathroom in 10 minutes.

Camilla wants to share her expert knowledge with you. That’s why she’s uploaded a 10 minute bathroom cleaning video to show you how to freshen up your bathroom in record time! She is using only Humdakin products in a Humdakin bucket, so she knows that her cleaning routine is eco-friendly and effective. Click on the picture below to watch the video on youtube. 

youtube video

10 steps to freshen up your bathroom

We’re going to take you through the cleaning routine step by step and talk about the products Camilla used. All of the cleaning products can be stored in the organizing bucket from Humdakin - stylish and smart! 

  1. Use a spray bottle with a mixture of universal cleaner to spray the toilet on the outside, inside and under the toilet seat. You only need one teaspoon of the universal cleaner in the spray bottle, the rest you fill with water!  Use a clean dish cloth to wipe off the toilet bowl. 
  2. Squirt a little bit of universal cleaner directly on the inside of the toilet bowl or use the spray bottle. Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with the universal cleaner.
  3. Grab our ammonia-free glass cleaner and a clean tea towel and spray and wipe the clean toilet - this will leave it shining and smelling even better! 
  4. Before finishing the toilet area, create a hotel vibe by folding the end piece of toilet paper into a triangle. This is a small detail but if you’re having guests over, they’ll think the bathroom was professionally cleaned! 
  5. Take our Anti-Calc product and start by getting the sink, shower or bathroom area wet. If you get the surface with limescale wet before spraying the anti-calc product, it will work even better! 
  6. Let the product sit for a couple of minutes before using a coarse brush to scrub the area. After scrubbing the surfaces, rinse off with water. 
  7. Use a dry and clean tea towel to go over the wet areas, so you remove all excess water.
  8. Move over to the sink area. Use the universal cleaner in the spray bottle and a clean dish cloth to spray and wipe the sink area. The universal cleaner is effective yet mild on surfaces, so don’t be worried if you have wooden, marble or linoleum countertops in the bathroom - the universal cleaner can be used on all surfaces! 
  9. Don’t forget the bathroom mirror! This is one of those places that you could clean everyday - bathroom mirrors always have streaks from water or toothpaste! Even if you only have 10 minutes, spend 30 seconds spraying the mirrors and faucets with the glass cleaner and use a clean tea towel to wipe. 
  10. The last step is to style! While a clean bathroom gives you peace of mind, a styled bathroom will make you proud. Small touches like fresh flowers and our Ivory fragrance sticks make a huge difference in the bathroom. Plus, they’ll take all the attention so no one will notice if you missed a couple of spots in your 10 minute cleaning routine ;) 


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