Our name

The name Humdakin is by no means random, it is made with love and with the desire to make a big difference in the whole world.

When Camilla set out to develop and build her brand before launch, the brand name was one of the most important things. She knew she would be investing everything in her future life's work.

She knew she wanted to create her very own brand name, so it took hard work and thoughtfulness to get there. She wanted to create her own name, like Swedish IKEA and like Danish LEGO, because the brand had to be international from the day it was launched in order to be marketed optimally.

She set the following requirements for the brand name:


The name had to be composed of things that meant a lot to Camilla in her life, and she chose to compose it based on important people from her life.


The name should not be translatable, i.e. "Humdakin" should mean the same in all languages.


The name Humdakin could not be googled, meaning nothing could come up on Humdakin that had any meaning other than what you know as Humdakin today.


All domains should be easily available. So that we can secure our websites, e.g. www.humdakin.dk, www.humdakin.de, www.humdakin.com etc.


Patent rights and name protection should be obtained from all countries of the world - these rights are sought per country. Camilla has invested a lot of money in the brand name Humdakin, and now owns the rights to the name Humdakin worldwide. For example, she spent 2 years obtaining the rights and name protection in the US, with the help of both a Danish and an American lawyer.


HUM = Comes from "to hum", and translated into Danish it means "to Nynne", which is her daughter's name: Nynne.

DA = Is the abbreviation of her boyfriend's name Dan - Dan and Camilla have been together since they were very young, and now have 3 children together.

KIN = Is the abbreviation of Camilla's beloved dog and our everyone's office dog, King, who sadly passed away at the age of 11 in 2021. He has been by Camilla's side throughout the building of Humdakin and the entire existence of Humdakin. He followed Camilla everywhere!