GOTS certified cotton

Did you know that all of Humdakin’s textiles are produced from GOTS certified materials? Or that all the cotton we use is GOTS certified, organic cotton? Now you can read about just what this certification means.

GOTS is a world-wide organization and stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is an organization that insures a range of requirements concerning the environment and social responsibility are met in the production of textiles all over the world.

The requirements concern everything from the cultivation of the materials, in our case cotton, to the finished product you find on the shelves of our retailers. The organization ensures that all steps in the process of creating the products are controlled and documented. In this way, the certification covers the cotton, the weaving, coloring, wages, packaging and transport.

We have collected some of the many requirements here:

  • During production of the product, the amount of water and energy used is kept to the absolute minimum.
  • The wages for the workers, in every stage of the production, has to be equal to the “living wage”, more than minimum wage. Nobody can be forced or threatened to work. Similarly, child labor is prohibited.
  • The cultivation of organic materials must happen without the use of dangerous pesticides and may not be treated with conventional materials.
  • The dyeing of yarn must be controlled and only done with dyes that do not contain harmful things such as heavy metals.

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